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Tap into our data of over 6.5 billion keywords
SEO Stuff keyword report
Get new keyword ideas.
Get new keyword ideas based on your seed keyword. With all their important metrics included.
Understand keywords difficulty.
See how easy or hard it is to rank for a keyword. Get a score from 0 to 100. Avoid keywords that are too hard to rank for.
Spy on the competition.
See the current top-ranking pages for a keyword and explore other keywords they rank for.
Search volume trend.
See how the search volume for a keyword has changed over time, including the average monthly search volume.
Estimated monthly traffic.
See how much traffic you can expect if you rank at different positions for a keyword. Based on the average click-through rate.
Key SEO metrics.
Search intent, CPC, search volume, keyword difficulty, and more at your fingertips.
SEO Stuff
Bye monthly subscription 👋SEO is essential, but it\'s very expensive. Sure, there are free tools, but they lack clarity and important data. There\'s a reason everyone doing SEO turns to paid tools.

The problem is that most of the paid tools are subscription-based. You\'re paying a fixed monthly fee, regardless of how much you use the tool. To make things even worse, they charge you $100 or more. Each month!

That\'s extremely expensive for many people, myself included. This is exactly why I created SEO Stuff. I wanted to create a tool that is both affordable and useful. A tool that will help you with your SEO efforts without breaking the bank.
Hello credits! 😎With SEO Stuff, you\'re no longer locked into a fixed monthly subscription. Instead, you get the freedom to pay only for what you use.

You have full control over your spending! SEO Stuff offers various credit packs that cater to different needs, whether you're a small business owner looking to enhance your website's SEO or a digital marketing enthusiast managing multiple projects. Plus, you can easily top up your credits right within the app whenever you need them.

Shifting to a credit-based system not only saves you money but also empowers you to be more strategic with your SEO efforts. Stop paying for features you never use with a monthly subscription. With credits, you can allocate your resources where they matter to you most.
SEO Stuff
How credits work? Credits are used to create keyword research reports. It\'s a one-time payment to get credits.Each keyword found in a report costs 1 credit. For instance, if a report uncovers 100 related keywords, it will consume 100 credits.In the rare case where a report finds 0 related keywords, it will still cost 1 credit for the initial search.Credits expire after 1 year.
SEO Stuff
How accurate is our data? 📈SEO Stuff uses industry-leading data providers, including Google\'s own APIs, to guarantee the highest level of accuracy in the reports.

These data sources scan billions of web pages and are updated regularly, ensuring comprehensive coverage and depth for SEO Stuff\'s data collection.

This extensive web scanning allows SEO Stuff to gather and analyze a vast array of information, and present it to you in an organized, digestible report.

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SEO Stuff - Excellent keywords research, without monthly subscription | Product HuntSEO Stuff - Excellent keywords research, without monthly subscription | Product Hunt
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