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Why SEO Stuff?

Bye monthly subscription, Hello credits

SEO is essential to your business, yet pricey
Free tools often fall short, leaving you to a costly subscription-based tools.
SEO Stuff uses credit-based system
Start saving money and enable strategic SEO resource allocation.
Data you can trust
We use industry-leading data providers to gather vast information into a concise, easy-to-understand report for you.

If you require a tool for top-notch keyword research, SEO Stuff is for you.

Matthias NeumayerCo-Founder @ Branding5 and Oscar Stories

Something for everyone

Pick the credit pack for your needs

1 Credit = 1 keyword/backlink found in a report.Credits expire after 1 year.

A simple and effective way to do your keyword research and keep the costs controlled. I use it for all my projects.

Joao AguiamSerial entrepreneur


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It's time to win SEO

SEO Stuff is a power tool that helps you find new keyword ideas, spy on your competition, understand keywords difficulty, and get all the key SEO metrics you need.

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